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Content marketing for interior designers is truly the “advertising” of today and the future that you need to implement to be successful in growing your business and attracting new clients. Prospects no longer want to be “sold,” they want to be educated. Today’s consumer seeks out information online before making a purchase and is already nearly 70 percent of the way through the buying cycle before they ever contact a company. So, to attract new business, you need to create and distribute great content that engages your audience and creates brand awareness and trust. There are a variety of ways to do this from e-newsletters to blog posts to e-books and more. They key is to create an appropriate strategy and be consistent in delivery.

Content Marketing for Interior Designers

Determine Your Strategy

So, you really need to determine two strategies — the content marketing strategy, which is the “why and what” and the content strategy, which is the “how.” So, first, your content marketing strategy: The “why” part of this is fairly universal and we already mentioned it — brand awareness and trust. But the “what” part is determined by you and how you want to position your company in the marketplace. What is your message? It might be centered around luxury interior design. It might be centered around bold colors and patterns if you want to be known for that. Be careful here. It’s important to understand that the content you will be creating and putting out there in the world is not about you or your business. It is educational and/or inspirational content for your audience.

Next, you need to plan the content strategy — the “how.” Will you create blog posts, e-books, how-to guides, email campaigns, videos, gated content or all of the above and more? A targeted strategy employing more than one of these tactics will be most effective. Start by considering your content goals and KPIs (key performance indicators) to know what you will be measuring once you begin delivering your content. Some of these KPIs might be website traffic, email captures, downloads, shares and click-thru-rates. Think about the action you want your prospects to take — this could be different for different types of content.


Who Will Implement Your Plan?

It’s important to have clear expectations about who will create this content to ensure consistency. More often than not, a small business owner cannot realistically maintain all aspects of managing the business and cranking out content week after week and month after month. You can hire a freelance writer and a designer to design it if it’s an e-book or some other similar type of content, then you are responsible for the posting and promotion. Or farm this work out to a marketing to manage the entire process. Few, but some, firms will even develop the strategy for you in addition to the implementation and promotion.


Speaking of Promotion

Even the greatest content will not help you reach your goals if you don’t promote it. This can be via email, social media, paid social and other online advertising. While it’s true that in a perfect world, all of your content would rank high on Google, it can be tough to make that happen — at least on a regular basis. So, you will have to promote your content for maximum reach and effectiveness. Also, promote content repeatedly. As long as the content is evergreen, there’s no reason not to promote it time and time again — and by that, I don’t necessarily mean you have to pay and pay to get the content out there. You can share a blog post on Facebook more than once — put these into a promotion cycle using a social media platform or, if you’re using a marketing firm, rely on them to do this for you. And don’t get too concerned about your audience seeing the same thing twice — thanks to complicated algorithms, your audience doesn’t necessarily see everything you post.


Monitor the Results

Track your KPIs at least monthly to see how your content is performing. Before you dump an underperforming piece of content, test your copy, title, subject line, etc. Just be sure to test only one thing at a time, or you won’t know what worked when your content does perform well.

h3mediaworks can manage all your content marketing needs from strategy right through to results tracking and campaign adjustments. Contact us today to start your content marketing program.

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