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Heather Shoning, Business Coach + Strategist

Once upon a time, a young girl fell in love with all things home and design. When she grew up, she wanted to be an architect. Then an interior designer. HGTV came around, and she dreamed of flipping houses. But, as fate would have it, the girl was destined for a career helping professionals in the home and design industry to grow their business through small business coaching paired with marketing strategy and services.

Heather provides no-nonsense coaching that will help you create the business you’ve always dreamed of with freedom, flexibility and the income you desire. She employs a variety of the best coaching methods and marketing strategies learned from teachers such as Tony Robbins, Brooke Castillo, Marie Forlio, Amy Porterfield, Kelly Roach and more.

Chandra Swanson, Marketing Assistant

Chandra reveres all things creative: graphic design, blogging, poetry, interior design, photography, and videography. From her first graphic design job many moons ago, past 2 outdoor recreation degrees, to her most recent foray into Cultural Anthropology, she endeavors to understand the human desire for occupying magnificent spaces, both inside our homes and in the world outside our windows.

When she’s not in the h3mediaworks creative space envisioning beautiful media for eager clients, she can often be found hiking to the top of Something Tall with a backpack full of gummy bears and GPS gadgets. Her big idea is to experience fabulous, small batch, craft gins and hike all 7 continents with her husband; she has 3 A’s left to conquer: Asia, Antarctica, & Australia.

Camille Wilson, Content Creator Extraordinaire

Camille enjoys crafting messages to move the needle. She has more than 15 years of marketing, communications and writing experience across a variety of industries, including seven years delivering results for small- and medium-sized clients in the construction, home and design industries. Her writing can be found anywhere from blog postings and direct mail copy to glossy magazine feature stories highlighting award-winning home and design projects. After growing up in the Midwest, the Colorado sun finally won out in 2002. When not working, she enjoys running, hiking and cycling — well, and pretty much anything else outdoors. Give her a Colorado craft beer afterward and she’s a happy camper.

Emily O’Brien, Wicked Wordsmith

Emily O’Brien is a freelance lifestyle writer and editor. She’s written and edited glossy print features on some of the most luxurious homes in America. Her work can be found in Period Homes magazine, New Old House, Cherry Creek Lifestyle, Cabin Living, Boulder LifestyleOld House OnlineLog Home Living and more. She also covers traditional and modern architecture and has written for Traditional Building magazine and an Australian-based professional resource for the design curious.


When she’s not typing away, you can find her wandering the streets of Sydney, Australia, (often looking up and soaking in all the incredible architecture), where she’s currently living for the next few years with her husband and daughter.

Jules Marie, Blogger Supreme

Jules Marie is a certified social media manager and the founder of 33 Words PR in Louisville, Colorado. She works with public and non-profit companies to help them share their story online. Jules is also a journalist who has had hundreds of articles —and probably thousands of blogs!— published on topics ranging from biodynamic farming to reverse mortgages. She’s a self-described word chef and enjoys combining her love of words with her love of healthy, natural food.

She is an engaging speaker and her passion for helping people navigate the world of social media is evident in her dynamic classes and presentations.


Tango is the best shop dog on the planet. He is patient and loving, and he makes us get off our butts to go for a walk regularly. Despite his age (12 or 14 years, there’s some discrepancy there), he acts like a pup, loves playing in the mountains. He is so good; we’d like to have him cloned.




h3mediaworks helps busy home and design professionals grow their businesses and bottom lines by making marketing manageable.



With a high-level of integrity, we consistently pursue our own education and, in turn, provide the best service and advice to our clients and community.

Why We’re Doing This Thing

You’re busy designing beautiful spaces. We get it. You don’t have time to think about your marketing strategy, where to spend your marketing dollars or how to know what’s working and what’s not. That’s where we come in. Relax. We’ve got your back. We specialize in marketing for interior designers and architects.

As a full-service marketing studio, you can trust us to manage all aspects of your marketing plan — and if you don’t have one or if it needs a redesign, we can do that, too.

You see, we believe that your marketing message should be every bit as beautiful and creative as the homes you are designing, so it’s our mission to deliver creative brand stories that captivate audiences, drive leads and generate new business for you. And you’ll know it’s working because not only are we word nerds, we’re downright obsessive about analytics.

We might be hiring. If you’re a rockstar and interested in working for a forward-thinking, growing company, check out our open positions.

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