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Business Coaching Program Outline

Like many interior designers I coach, you went to school learn to be a designer and then you likely found yourself in a position of wanting to work for yourself because of the freedom and flexibility it offered. But in school — and maybe even in your first several years in business for yourself — no one taught you how to run your business and approach it like a CEO. You’ve always approached your design practice as a designer. Well, we’re about to change all of that.

I am so glad to have found Heather Shoning and h3mediaworks. After great coaching sessions with Heather, I feel like I was able to narrow down and prioritize what I should be doing to market my small design business. She gave me both helpful new ideas and a valuable perspective on old ideas I had coming into my training with her. I now feel like I have a clear plan and direction to implement. I love that she was able to help me with both short term and long term goals. I highly recommend her and will definitely continue using her in the future!  –Anna Hackathorn

When you start to think about your business like a CEO, you are going to be so excited by the changes you’ll see in all aspects of your business including the bottom line.

This is a 12-month program, and over the course of that period, we will work through a series of modules that are designed to build upon one another. This highly personalized, one-on-one coaching so we spend all of our time working on just your specific business and the challenges you’re facing.

This is a brief overview of the topics we’ll cover together in the next 12 months:


We’re going to look at all the ways in which you might unsuspectingly be sabotaging your own growth, most likely because you’re not quite sure in some aspects of the business what to do.


Let’s get control of your calendar, increase your productivity and take your time back!

Growth & Financials

You’re going to love working through the mindset blocks which will enable you to take control of your pricing and articulate your value. We will determine if growth is best for you — or not — and how to approach growth to meet your overall goals.

Business Strategy

We will look at your strategy as a whole. Your goals, where you want your business to go, how much you want your business to grow or not grow, and develop a strategy to get you there.


Developing a positioning and marketing strategy that will support your goals for growth is so important. This will help you reach the type of client that you want to reach and to ensure you get high-quality leads for the types of projects that you want to focus on.

Marketing Implementation

Once your marketing strategy is designed, we’re going to explore the implementation and the best way to go about leveraging your time and other people’s time to get those projects done.

Processes & Systems

With your foundation solidly in place, we will examine your processes and systems to ensure everything in your business is running smoothly and properly documented. This creates opportunities for you to scale your business or to grow by easily delegating work to be done.

Building Your Best Team

Whether you already have a design assistant or maybe a virtual assistant to help you manage some of the paperwork and phone calls, we’re going to dive deep into what positions or what people you need to best help you reach your goals.

So what’s the next step you ask?

Let’s get on a call, see if we like each other and whether or not your business seems like a good fit for this coaching program. If so, congratulations! You’re on your way to taking your business to the next level. The sooner we get to work, the sooner you start working ON your business (like a CEO should), and the sooner you’ll start seeing the results you desire.

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