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Custom Publishing Magazines

When you’re trying to set yourself apart from the competition, it’s important to think outside the box. And that’s just what we do. Looking for an unusual promotional item that will get you noticed at your next event? We can handle that. And if you really want to drive home the message that you are the leader in your market, consider custom publishing.

Custom Publishing Marketing is the Future of Print Advertising

Everyone says print is dead. Many print magazines (even local ones) are cost prohibitive. And if you do advertise, you’re just one of many of your local competitors — page after page of them. But what if you could control the content as well as the advertisers represented? What if you could have a full-color, glossy magazine delivered right to your prospects that featured your projects, your ads and only ads of your local partners of your choosing? And for a very small investment.

It’s genius! Custom publishing allows you to own the print marketing channel and drive your message into the homes of your potential clients. It’s the ultimate in content marketing for the home and design industry.

h3mediaworks handles everything from content creation, magazine design, ad sales to your local partners, printing and mailing. All you do is provide images for your projects to be featured, commit to an interview about the project and listen to your phone ring off the hook.

Enter your contact info here to get more information and a media kit, and start your own custom home and design magazine today!


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